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Leverage my 35 years of expertize to build your Business:

I have over 35 years of serial entrepreneur experience and expertise both online and offline to pass on to you

Here are some examples of what I can assist you with to start and grow your business.

1. Clarifying your vision and identifying what problem your product/service can solve that will make your customers want to buy.

2. Setting Goals and an Action Plan to achieve them.

3. Developing a business plan. The all important blueprint and roadmap for setting up and growing any business - the basics are the same for all businesses.

4. Identifying the best location for your business and whether it will be home based or offsite - your location is critical to most businesses.

5. Identifying what capital is needed for start, and what cash flow you need on an ongoing basis, and preparing a financial plan to present to potential investors.

6. Setting up a simple accounting system to ensure you have a handle on your revenue and expenses.

Avril with JT Foxx & Raymond Aaron two of the world's top coaches & my Mentors 7. Determining the Demographics and Psychographics of your potential customers and where to find them. Key to any business.

8. Knowing who your competition is and what you can offer that is unique in the marketplace. Your UPS.

9. Ensuring you have systems in place to run your business.

10. Developing a marketing plan and website essential to any business for both online and offline marketing.

11. Hiring staff

12. Ensuring you continue to work with an accountability coach and mentor to keep your on track and to bounce ideas/problems off.

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Use my experience to build and grow your business.

Over the years, I have sold Real Estate, Financial Planning, Insurance, worked as an Avon and Tupperware Manager, worked network marketing, owned a Submarine Shop and Deli, a Country Inn and Restaurant and 3 Travel Agencies. A-Z Tours my online agency I have owned and operated now for over 17 years.

As a serial Entrepreneur I have the expertise and experience with both offline and online businesses to work with you to help you build and grow you business.

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Close Up Talk Radio Interview & Press Release - Avril with host Doug Llewelyn

Some of my Entrepreneurial Achievements during those years:

Avril with the Presidents Wives G7 1996
  • I became a Golden Highline Manager for Tupperware with my own group of Managers
  • Was the youngest Avon Manager in Canada with over 200 agents
  • Won Entrepreneur of the year in Nova Scotia, Canada
  • Hosted a G7 Presidents Wives Luncheon
  • Managed 450 volunteers for the Tall Ships in Halifax
  • Chaired Atlantic Canada Showcase (An International Trade Show),
  • Earned a CHA designation (Certified Hotel Administrator - recognized as the top Hotel Management Certification worldwide)
  • Founded the Nova Scotia Unique Country Inn Association back in 1988 still going strong today
  • Platinum Level Expert Ezine Author -
  • Wrote the business plan and then set up the Glenora Inn and Distillery in Cape Breton for the current owners when they bought it out of receivership.
  • Participated on the Steering committee that set up the Canada Select Star Rating program for Accommodations across Canada.

Avril with Trevor Linden past Team Captain Vancouver CanucksI have volunteered on numerous committees over the years setting some historical precedents as the first woman to chair committees only previously run by men. Past testing has rated me in the top 10% for Management Skills and for Intelligence in North America.

These are not to boast, on the contrary over the years I have had my share of obstacles. Any successful person will tell you they have had to overcome many obstacles to reach the top, but with over 35 consecutive years as an Serial Entrepreneur I have the experience and expertise to help you grow a successful business.

  Personal Testimonials:

Avril with Stedman Graham world Business Leader and Oprah's partner
  1. Nena Solas, Salve Business Owner - "I consider Avril to be my mentor. Avril assisted me in setting up my 2 businesses and helped me step outside of my comfort zone, something I would likely never have done on my own. Today my businesses are successful and growing and I still go to Avril for help and assistance whenever I get stuck or need some new ideas. I highly recommend Avril as a mentor to others starting a business."

  2. Kim Kinrade - Author & Musical Performer - "Avril is an astute manager who has a nose for seeing changes in the marketplace well before many of her contemporaries. She is also an expert at business start-ups and seeing projects through to their completion."

  3. John Marshall, Business Coach, Results Driven - Business Coaching Success System (business partner) - "Avril has a rare gift in the business world. She is truly passionate about customer service. That is, making sure each and every client receives exceptional service. I had the pleasure of delivering business coaching for her team. One of the key items Avril wanted me to teach, emphasis and focus on was customer service. She knows that customer service differentiates her company in the marketplace.

    Avril with George RossAdditionally, Avril is also very hard working, creative and focused. She has been very successful in all of her numerous business endeavors. It is no surprise. She focuses on her customers; backs it up with a superbly trained team, and when you add in a dash of creativity, it is all the ingredients to make her successful. In the travel industry, she is at the top; and she will make you feel like you are at the top, when you work with her."

  4. Alex Yeung - "Avril is a long time VBNF Member who provides excellent services to our members and clients. Their system provides quick selection of products that fits the requests of their clients at the best price. VBNF fully recommends Avril and her team for its great services and pricing. Go travel with A-Z Tours International."

  5. Avril with Peter Noone from Herman's Hermits
  6. Reg Nordman - President Riviera Mansions - "If you remember the motto, to get something done properly ask a busy person. Well Avril is the person I turn to to get things done properly and immediately at the Riviera Mansions. She has been on Council longer than I and is able to quickly see what needs to be done and how best to do it. A very reliable, thorough person who is very pleasant to be around."

  7. Alex and Cindy Yeung - Vancouver Business Networking Forum (VBNF) - "Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Good Value - Avril is a people person who likes to take good care of everybody as if they were her personal friends. She looks after all your travel needs and prepares them in a very professional and timely manner. Her pricing is very reasonable. Her staff are great too, very patient people. She has many happy customers and I am just one of them. VBNF members go to her for vacation planning."

  8. Mo Kumarsi & Jo Wang - Cleaning With Love - "Avril is an excellent teacher. She has many outstanding qualities like patience, love, assertiveness and getting right to a solution. She has amazing experience to get you to a great mindset and focus on solutions rather then problems. She helped us put a manual together for our cleaning company. Cleaning With Love. I highly recommend Avril as a business owner."

  9. Avril with JT & Movie Star, Ex California Governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger Avril with JT & Movie Star, Ex California Governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger
    Avril with JT & Donna Karan DKNY Fashion Designer Avril with JT & Donna Karan DKNY Fashion Designer
    Avril with Meir Ezra - Billionaire Coach Avril with Meir Ezra - Billionaire Coach
    Avril with Michael Irvin - Pro Football Hall of Famer displaying his rings Avril with Michael Irvin - Pro Football Hall of Famer displaying his rings
    Avril with Raymond Aaron, Wright Thurston & Albert Lowry all Real Estate Gurus Avril with Raymond Aaron, Wright Thurston & Albert Lowry all Real Estate Gurus
    Avril with Steve Bradbury - Olympic Speed Skating Gold Medalist Avril with Steve Bradbury - Olympic Speed Skating Gold Medalist
    Avril with my Students and Meir Ezra, Billionaire Coach Avril with my Students and Meir Ezra, Billionaire Coach

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